Ontopia Code Camp

1st Topic Maps Elevator Pitch Contest at TMRA 2010

You will get the stage for 60 seconds. This is your opportunity to explain the idea and the benefits of Topic Maps to your audience. Convince the crowd at TMRA with your pitch and get the most votes to win a brand new ipod touch.

What is a Topic Maps Elevator Pitch

A Topic Maps Elevator Pitch is a 60 sec performance (do whatever you want to do – you have the stage) to explain the idea and the benefits of Topic Maps.

The rules

1. To participate in the contest you have to register in the participant list at the TMRA venue.

2. The order of the presentations is decided by the organizers and is independent of the order in which participants register.

3. Every participant will get a slot of 60 seconds. In these 60 seconds he or she can use all facilities on the stage, which includes microphone and overhead projector.

4. Every attendee of the conference will get a ballot paper to give its vote to the best pitch. Criteria for the quality of a pitch are not defined, but might be presentation style, and even more important, the story to teach the idea and benefits of Topic Maps.

5. The presenter of the pitch with the most votes from the ballot papers will win the contest.


The prize for the winner is a brand new ipod touch.

The pitches in the web

We will film all pitches and publish them in the web at YouTube or similar services. These videos will help the whole community to spread the word for Topic Maps. Perhaps it will be your story which opens new doors for Topic Maps.


The 1st Topic Maps Elevator Pitch contest at TMRA is supported by Space Applications Services.