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Registration for TMRA 2010

I want to join TMRA 2010 in Leipzig. Please consider my following registration:

Please remember that registration will be closed September 10, 2010.

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The registration fee of tutorials@TMRA includes:

  • admission to all tutorials at tutorials@TMRA (Sep. 29th), see preliminary schedule
  • lunch, coffee, soft drinks, refreshments, snacks, etc.

  • The registration fee of TMRA 2010 includes:

  • admission to all talks and sessions of TMRA 2010 (Sept 30 and Oct 1)
  • 1 copy of the conference proceedings (except students)
  • 1 lunch per day (Sept 30 and Oct 1)
  • coffee, soft drinks, refreshments, snacks, etc.

  • Please select your applying price option. The free option is exclusive just in agreement with the organization team for media partner and sponsors.

    Cancellation / Refund Policy

    Registrant requests for refund of registration fees will be considered if a written request is sent postmarked by September 10, 2010. No refunds can be issued for requests postmarked after September 10, 2010. Refunds are subject to a 20% cancellation fee and all bank charges for international transfers. There are no refunds for non-attendance.

    Terms of Payment (Bank Transfer)

    For payments from Germany or other EU countries we suggest paying by bank transfer. For payments from outside of the EU we suggest the credit card payment above. If you use bank transfer from outside of the EU please add all bank charges to the transfered amount (ask your bank for charges!).

    Bank: Dresdner Bank AG, Leipzig
    Account: Zentrum IWD, Johannisgasse 26, D-04103 Leipzig
    Subject: TMRA 2010 registration fees + your name

    For transfers from Germany
    Kontonummer: 0101889900
    BLZ: 86080000

    For transfers from other countries:
    IBAN: DE97 8608 0000 0101 8899 00

    Terms of Payment (PayPal)

    For payment from outside EU we suggest you to pay your registration fees using your credit card (by PayPal, no tying membership required) in a convinient and secure fashion. When we have received your registration, we will send an email with further payment instructions. (Please be aware that payment on site is not possible!).

    Please pay the registration fee within the next 10 days after your registration.


    At the conference site you will get an invoice for your conference fees.

    You will receive a formal confirmation of your registration after we have received your registration fees. If you decide for using PayPal you will get an email with payment details from us. If you decide for a bank transfer, please transfer your fees to the account given above.

    (type the code from the image)

    After the submission of the registration you will be forwarded to a status page. In the case your registration was successfully sent you will receive an reception confirmation email to the given address. If you don't receive the reception confirmation email, please resubmit the form.