Ontopia Code Camp

Generate Topic Maps applications with Onotoa, Genny and Maiana

The Topic Maps Lab invites you to participate in the tutorial about generating simple Topic Maps driven applications. The tutorial will take place September 29, 2010 as morning tutorial of TMRA 2010.

What is behind the Onotoa, Genny and Maiana stack?

Onotoa is an eclipse based ontology editor for Topic Maps. It has a graphical UML-like interface and a export function for TMCL files. Each topic map ontology summarizes the domain knowledge an application needs. Consequently you can use the tool Genny to generate applications based on the ontology. These application can be used to collect and store information as topic maps. With Maiana these topic maps can be used for exploring, querying and sharing.

Screen-shot of the Genny generated data collector behind yacca.me.

Who is invited?

This tutorial is addressed to all who have the need to collect data in Topic Maps driven applications. With only very small programming skills you will be able to set-up these kinds of applications. You will learn a very fast way to bring Topic Maps to your organisation.


This tutorial will be staged by core developers of the Topic Maps Lab.

Hannes Niederhausen working at the Topic Maps Lab to enhance the Onotoa editor and to create new tools for working with Topic Maps.
Sven Krosse is is a member of the topic maps lab and is working on the TMQL implementation. He is the project leader and main developer of the Java-based TMQL engine TMQL4J, the new generation Topic Maps engine MaJorToM and he implements different tools and programs to work with topic maps, like a CTMWriter based on TMAPIx.


Tutorial’s goal is to show audience how to generate and use a Topic Maps application with very little programming skills. You will learn to define the domain of you application as TMCL schema in Onotoa. Based on this schema you will learn to generate an application with Genny. In the last part of this tutorial you will learn how you can use Maiana to generate value out of the data which you can collect with the generated applications.