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Tutorial: Hands on TMCL with Onotoa


Abstract: The Topic Maps Constraint Language (TMCL) is used to create a schema for Topic Maps. Creating a schema is possible by using CTM templates, specified in the TMCL draft. Onotoa is a visual editor for TMCL. Instead of writing CTM file, it is possible to create the schema using diagrams.

This tutorial is part oft the session Tutorials at the TMRA 2009 conference.

Onotoa and getting started with TMCL

Onotoa is the Eclipse-based ontology editor for Topic Maps. It has a graphical UML-like interface, an export function for the current TMCL-draft and a XTM export described here. In the latest version Onotoa provides you with a “business view” mode for your schemas. This features supports you in the communication with your customers: you will concentrate on sketching the customers domain – not on explaining any TMCL details.

To get started with Onotoa the Onotoa handbook is very helpful. You can download the current version of the handbook here.

There are also free hard copies of the Onotoa handbook available. If you like to have one of these copies, please drop us a note. We will send the handbook to you for free.


The tutorial is hands-on. Participants will create schemas using Onotoa.
This tutorial will provide an introduction in TMCL, the CTM templates. For every constraint in TMCL will be shown, how to specify it using Onotoa.
After the introduction, some schemas will be created using Onotoa, to excercise its use.

Intended audience

Audience should have a basic knowledge of Topic Maps. Each participant should have a computer and download the newest release of Onotoa (see http://onotoa.topicmapslab.de/downloads).

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