Ontopia Code Camp

Lutz Maicher

Affiliation: Topicmapslab.de
Url: http://www.lutzmaicher.de/

Lutz works with Topic Maps since several years.

Visit Lutz Maicher at topicmapslab.de.

Lutz Maicher is contributing the follwing talks to TMRA 2009:
  • Temporal Qualification in Topic Maps
  • JRuby Topic Maps
  • topicmapslab.de - a Topic Maps community portal
  • Maiana - a social Topic Maps browser
  • Report From the Open Space Sessions of TMRA 2008
  • The Contributions for the Poster Session
  • Event based modelling
  • TMBrowse Protocol
  • Motto of TMRA 2010

  • Program of the TMRA 2009 conference.
    Index of people contributing to TMRA 2009.