Ontopia Code Camp

Open Space Session

The session Open Space Session is chaired by Lars Marius Garshol.


The session includes the following talks:
  • Report From the Open Space Sessions of TMRA 2008
  • Paraconsistent Reasoning in Ontopedia
  • Dynamic Integration of RDF and Topic Maps
  • Temporal Qualification in Topic Maps - Diskussion
  • Some observations on types
  • Faceted navigation with Topic Maps
  • Building Distributed Topic Maps
  • Event based modelling
  • Methopedia.eu
  • Identifying attributes
  • Inferred Classification
  • TMJP 2010
  • Triggers in Topic Maps
  • TMBrowse Protocol
  • Visual Rendering of Topic Maps Fragments
  • Subj3ct, Representation Link Pingback
  • Motto of TMRA 2010
  • ActiveTM and Future of Domain names

  • Index of sessions at TMRA 2009.