Ontopia Code Camp

Ontopia Code Camp @tmra 2009

Bouvet and the Topic Maps Lab invite you to participate in the Ontopia Code Camp @tmra 2009. The code camp will take place November 11, 2009 in conjunction with the tutorials day of TMRA 2009. The camp registration fees for all participants of the Ontopia code camp are covered by the sponsors. Please register for the code camp here

At the Ontopia code camp you get introduced to Ontopia, the main open source Topic Maps project today, and learn how the project works, how you can contribute to it, and make use of it.

In this full-day event we will go through how to develop code in the Ontopia project, how to find tasks to do, how the product works and is built, and how to set up a development environment. We will also discuss the future of the product with those of you in the tutorial.

Slides from the Ontopia Code Camp


The Ontopia Code Camp will be staged by two of the most important heads behind the Ontopia project.

Lars Marius Garshol, one of the founders of Ontopia, and development manager/CTO at Ontopia from 2000 to 2007. Now he is project leader for the open source project at Bouvet.
Geir Ove Grønmo is one of the founders of Ontopia, and now he is lead developer for the Ontopia product since 1999.


Impressions from the Ontopia Code Camp

Who is invited?

All developers of Topic Maps solutions and products are invited to join the Ontopia Code Camp. The registration for Code Camp is free.


getting started

- setting up the development environment
- building the code

understanding the product

- architecture
- modules
- backends
- code structure
- modules: good and bad
- performance

procedures and policies

- committers
- decision-making
- releases
- coding guidelines

doing real work

- finding tasks to work on
- testing
- fixing bugs

the future

- plans
- what features should Ontopia be adding?
- any other feedback for the Ontopia project