Campus Villa Ida, Leipzig
Fourth International
Conference on
Topic Maps
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Adeline Leblanc, Amjad Abou Assali, Marie-Hélène Abel, Dominique Lenne
Use of Topic Maps to support Learning Organizational Memory
Abstract:Information and Communication Technologies have transformed the way people work and have a growing impact on long life learning. Organizational Learning is an increasingly important area of research that concerns the way organizations learn, and thus augment their competitive advantage, innovativeness, and effectiveness. Within the project MEMORAe2.0, we are interested in the learning centering subject. We developed an environment based on Topic Maps which enables to navigate in a concept map. Therefore, users can access resources indexed by cartography concepts. In our approach, we chose to put forward the notion of course and not the structure. In this paper, we define the concept of Learning Organizational Memory, and we present Topic Maps and how they can be used to model a memory. Then, we present our approach to model our memory thanks to Topic Maps. Finally, we present briefly our environment.
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