Campus Villa Ida, Leipzig
Fourth International
Conference on
Topic Maps
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Sasa Rudan, Sinisa Rudan
SocioTM – Relevancies, Collaboration, and Socio-knowledge in Topic Maps
Abstract: Topic Maps (TM) standard has solved a lot of problems in the information overload. With a semantic layer on the top of the existing data pools, TMs provide user-specific information interpretation and organization. However, one important component is missing in the TM standard and usage. This paper introduces SocioTM model; an extension of TM paradigm that includes relevancies, collaboration, and socio-knowledge (user-specific knowledge/behaviors) within TMs. The paper goes through relevancies implementation in SocioTM, relevancies building and population in SocioTM, relevancies interpretation, presentation, and navigation through SocioTM. Relevancies are presented on two levels: topic/ontology level and information (occurrences) level. The paper concludes with collaboration involvement in SocioTM building and with migration of socio-knowledge.
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