Campus Villa Ida, Leipzig
Fourth International
Conference on
Topic Maps
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Myongho Yi
Making Metadata Alive: Migrating Metadata into Richer Semantic Relationships Using Topic Maps-based Ontology
Abstract: Due to the increasing amount and complexity of digital resources, there are several critical issues that arise in digital environments such as ill-structured and poor management of digital information. Different information organization approaches have been used to address these issues. In particular, Semantic Web has been explored for 10 years; however there are not many practical applications. This is in part due to the fact that much attention has been given to the creation rather than the migration of existing data. In addition, the lack of guidelines for choosing the right migration approach, whether Topic Maps or Resource Description Framework (RDF), needs to be addressed. This paper presents a comparison of Semantic Web Data Models (Topic Maps and RDF), followed by an example of migration of existing metadata into ontology-based data for Semantic Web.
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