Campus Villa Ida, Leipzig
Fourth International
Conference on
Topic Maps
Research and
Lars Johnsen, Darina Dicheva
From Connexions Content to Content Connexions: Organizing Open Learning Resources with Topic Maps and XSLT
Abstract: Connexions is a project aimed at providing free and open content for educational purposes on a global scale. In this presentation it is discussed how information associated with open learning modules on the Connexions web site may be extracted and mapped onto topic maps. It is assumed that mapping Connexions content to topic maps will lead to improved navigation and more extensive reuse of the content. The focus of the presentation is on the proposed use of simple XSLT style sheets for the mapping and the mapping model itself. In addition, it is demonstrated how the educational topic map editor TM4L has been extended to support the generation of topic maps based on Connexions content using XSLT.
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