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Thomas Schwotzer
Building Context Aware P2P Systems with the Shark Framework
Abstract: Shark Framework is framework supporting implementation of context aware P2P systems. Shark is an acronym and stand for Shared Knowledge. There is already a theory on context aware P2P systems which is implemented by the Shark framework.
Target platforms are in the first step J2SE, J2ME and Android. In next steps iPhone and Microsoft based mobile devices will be supported.
Shark FW supports the Knowledge Exchange Protocol (KEP) which is a stateless P2P protocol. Currently KEP has been ported to UDP and TCP. A Bluetooth L2CAP implementation will be available in October. This paper (briefly) explains core concepts of the framework. Sample code illustrates usage of Shark. It is illustrated that just two lines of code are sufficient to set up a peer that exchanges knowledge. This paper is also a call for participation. Shark is an open source project and is open to developers and users. Join us!
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