Campus Villa Ida, Leipzig
Fourth International
Conference on
Topic Maps
Research and
Elham Andaroodi, Kinji Ono, Motomu Naito
RDF to Topic Map, Compatibilities and Differences in Design Process for Bam 3DCG Ontology
Abstract: This poster addresses the compatibilities and differences between RDF and Topic Map for conceptualizing the knowledge of a metadata-based multilingual ontology, for the process and output of our research project related to a subset of cultural artifacts and world heritages. It starts with the architecture of the ontology and the design process as RDF consisting of 5 classes: Outline, Person, Research, Resource, and Outcome of the target domain. Here the subclasses are defined to complete the taxonomy and are given properties using the instances. Later the paper compares different features provided by Topic Map for conceptualizing the knowledge, for example topics with the taxonomy of classes in RDF and associations or occurrences with properties in RDF. It discusses further options in Topic Map like “scope” or “association role type” that provide more varied alternatives for design of an ontology comparing to RDF. The focus of this comparison is multilingual typology schema of our ontology. After the process of importing the RDF into Ontopoly Omnigator, the paper tries to argue the shortcoming of RDF to Topic Map (RDF2TM) of Ominagtor specially for representing the hierarchical schema in RDF. As each class in RDF is changed into a topic in TM regardless of its position in the hierarchy, the taxonomic characteristic of the ontology is lost. Besides each instance in RDF can be a topic in TM and be places beside the classes. This probably makes a significant difference in conceptualizing a knowledge model using RDF or TM. We made this comparison using our metadata typology schema. Finally the paper concludes with our solution to reach to a proper XTM version of our ontology by adjustment and sometimes remodeling and introduces our implementation to develop topic map web applications by using Ontopia Navigator Framework which is included OKS (Ontopia Knowledge Suite) TM.
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