Campus Villa Ida, Leipzig
Fourth International
Conference on
Topic Maps
Research and
Hendrik Thomas, Tobias Redmann, Maik Pressler, Bernd Markscheffel
GTMalpha - Towards a Graphical Notation for Topic Maps
Abstract: In the last years several drafts, recommendations and concepts for a graphical notation for Topic Maps have be published, but till today no graphical notation is generally approved and used in the Topic Maps community. In this paper we present GTMalpha as a conceptual new notation for a graphical representation of Topic Maps. Our objective is, to provide a practical usable notation, which allow a complete, a consistent as well as an easy to use graphical representation of any given topic map draft. GTMalpha provides a domain as well as a subject centric view and most important it considers the unique characteristics of the Topic Maps paradigm. This paper serves as a user oriented GTMalpha manual for ontology designers, domain experts as well as end users.
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