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TMRA 2008 "Subject-centric Computing"
++ place ++ Campus Villa Ida, Leipzig, Germany ++ date ++ 15 -17 October 2008
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14 October 2008
Due to the change of publisher you freely can download all TMRA papers as pdf now.
Keeping Track TMRA 2008
Lars Marius published his photos from TMRA 2008 in Leipzig.

Alexander Johannesen went to TMRA 2008, and all he got was the best days of his life ... Johannes Schmidt about his paper TMRA 2008 paper "TMAPI 2.0" (in German) ... Lars Marius Garshol discusses the TMCL editor presented by Hannes Niederhausen ... Salvatore Vassallo discusses the "GTM alpha" proposal by Hendrik Thomas (in Italian) ... and also Lars Marius Garshol discusses the "GTM alpha" proposal ... Damir Tomicic announced TMRA 2008 in the .NET community (in German) ... Topic Maps Snippets promotes the Shark framework from Thomas Schwotzer which was presented at TMRA 2008 ... Lars Marius Garshol is analysing TMShare the Second ...

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