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TMRA 2008 "Subject-centric Computing"
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14 October 2008
Due to the change of publisher you freely can download all TMRA papers as pdf now.
Topic Maps Coder Challenge @TMRA 2008
NetworkedPlanet and TMRA invite topic map developers to prove their mettle by implementing the Topic Maps and ATOM based protocol for the syndication of semantic descriptions.
(online reference:
(the paper: Protocol for the Syndication of Semantic Descriptions)
1st place: 300 EUR
2nd place: 200 EUR
3rd place: 100 EUR
Each implementer will have 5/10 minutes to demonstrate their understanding of the protocol and how well it is implemented at a session at TMRA. (see the TMRA 2008 program)
Implementations MUST be based on a commercial or open source topic maps engine.
Implementations do not need to be complete to compete.
Implementation source must be available as open source sometime after the close of the competition.
Implementers must submit source code on the day of judging. This will be used to review the quality of implementation and not kept for any other purpose.
The judges will decide upon the best 3 implementations.
Implementations will be judged equally on:
- completeness of implementation
- accuracy of implementation based on interactions with the reference implementations provided by Marc Kuster and Networked Planet.
The judges decision is final. The names of the winners will be published at the website.
Registration of interest by Wednesday the 1st October.
Support Materials
Online application to test consumption of feeds produced.
Sample feeds to test client implementation:

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