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TMRA 2008 "Subject-centric Computing"
++ place ++ Campus Villa Ida, Leipzig, Germany ++ date ++ 15 -17 October 2008
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14 October 2008
Due to the change of publisher you freely can download all TMRA papers as pdf now.
Call for Papers - TMRA 2008
TMRA 2008 will be the fourth event in the annual series of international conferences on Topic Maps Research and Applications. TMRA is the advanced scientific and industrial forum whose main object is connecting the key players in the Topic Maps community. Here you will find researchers and users in government and industry, as well as the vendors, the luminaries, and the standards creators gathered for an exchange of ideas in a stimulating setting.
Besides the keynotes, presented by leading heads of the Topic Maps community, the conference schedule covers parallel science- and industry-oriented tracks, poster and demonstration sessions. The latest ideas from the community are discussed in the open-space sessions.
"Subject-centric computing" - The Motto of TMRA 2008
As Peter Brown emphasised in his closing keynote in 2007, traditional information organization is focused on documents, folders, and files, which are all 18th century terms. Topic Maps, on the other hand, are subject-centric, in the sense that they organize information by what it is about. Users, however, typically think and act in a subject-centric way. They don't look for certain document or folder, but for information about a particular subject that they are interested in. Shifting the information architecture to a subject-centric perspective, means changing the way software and interfaces are designed. Subject-centric computing is based on the appropriate handling of subject identity, wich is the mechanism for deciding whether or not two different objects represent the same subject. Identity-aware subject-centric computing empowers a new level of interactivity between systems at global scale. The goal of TMRA 2008 is nothing less than the break-through of subject-centric computing.
Topics of TMRA 2008
You are invited to contribute a full or short paper, a presentation, a demonstration, or a poster to TMRA 2008 under the following main topics:
Subject-centric computing
Standards related Topic Maps research
Theoretic Topic Maps research
Applied Topic Maps research
Topic Maps applications domains
Open-Space Sessions
In addition to the presentation track, TMRA 2008 provides slots and locations for open-space sessions. You are highly encouraged to contribute to the open-space sessions!
If you are interested in teaching an in-depth introduction of your cutting edge technology to an interested audience, staging a tutorial at tutorials@TMRA might be appropriate.
We invite original, high quality submissions with substantial contributions to the objectives of TMRA 2008, published here. In 2008 the TMRA proceedings will appear in the LIV series, published by the University of Leipzig. It is assured, that the proceedings are indexed by DBLP and Google Scholar. The conference language is English. All submission details are given in the Submission Guidelines.

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